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"She redefines the role of the artist and continues to prove herself at the forefront of a new wave of music." - Wonderland

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"Dive into our exclusive interview with the trailblazing artist, Princess Nostalgia, as she opens up about spirituality, defying convention, and the creative process behind her haunting new single, "Astroturfing." - Magnetic Mag

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"Princess Nostalgia, the Roman-born, New York-based electro-pop artist, is breaking the mold with her genre-blending sound, capturing audiences and pushing boundaries." - HITCHER

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"Princess Nostalgia has always been a one-woman show, whether that be on or off the stage." - Happy Mag

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"Yields a masterful cohesion throughout her music and branding, playfully plucking thematic elements from the likes of funk, pop, rock and electronic music and cooking them down to a distinct Princess Nostalgia sound." - GRL Mag

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"As Princess Nostalgia, Traviato consistently defies convention while simultaneously bringing together familiar elements of pop R&B from the last four decades. I can't wait to see what she does next." - Seven Days

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"The multi-talented musician you must know." - In The Rough

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