Hailing from three generations of female artists, Princess Nostalgia was raised to create. Born on Tiber Island in the heart of Rome, her childhood unfolded amongst the ruins of an ancient world. This bittersweet sense of the past has informed her outlook ever since. At 8 years old, she moved with her mother and brother to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her father remained in Italy (their shared love of Kraftwerk, D’Angelo, and Chic has been the basis of their long distance relationship). The sharp divide between the two worlds in which she lived led her to develop a fascination with the feeling of nostalgia. She alleviated the sadness of leaving her past behind by diving into the absurd and fantastical realms of books (Enid Blyton was a favorite). In the fourth grade, she picked up the double bass. Ten years of classical training opened her eyes to the endless potential of musical composition. The subsequent discovery of Logic Pro X gave her the freedom to manifest this potential on her own terms. Inspired by a wide array of genres including funk, r&b, electronic, and pop, Princess Nostalgia taught herself how to compose, mix, and master her own music. In addition, she creates her own album art and directs/edits her own music videos. Headstrong and self-reliant, she takes pride in the knowledge that everything you see and hear is a product of her own creation—the notion of looking over a man’s shoulder as he produces her work makes her sick. Today, Princess Nostalgia is a philosophy major at the University of Vermont, and continues to create work inspired by nostalgia, absurdity, and the dangers of hubris.