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princess nostalgia - "INANNA" EP

Release Date: 01/19/2024

artist information

  • Label: Fluffy Cloud Records (A.K.A. Independent)

  • Genre: Electropop

  • Hometown: Rome, Italy/Pittsburgh, PA

  • Influences: Missy Elliott, Kraftwerk, James Blake

  • Sounds like: 070 Shake, Sad Night Dynamite, Sevdaliza, Rosalía


Deemed "the forefront of a new wave of music" by Wonderland Mag, Princess Nostalgia is an internationally-based, Roman-born electro-pop writer/singer/producer who recently opened for Public Enemy's producer Keith Shocklee.


Her first bilingual EP, “INANNA” is a merging of two identities. After spending the first 8 years of her life growing up amidst the ancient ruins of Rome, the young Princess’s family fractured and she was suddenly uprooted to America’s rust belt: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 


After filling the Sultan Room in Brooklyn, New York this summer for an Italian-themed show called, “Bambina! Che Cazzo?”, Princess Nostalgia followed the impulse to keep expressing her Italian side – a part of herself she lost touch with for years. 


In Nostalgia’s words, “channeling my Italian heritage has opened up a whole new dimension of my voice. Rapping in English never felt authentic to me, but Italian has loosened my inhibitions in that regard. Latin languages are also far more interesting to me rhythmically.” In Italian: "la mia eredità italiana ha aperto una dimensione nuova della mia voce. Rappare in inglese non mi e’ mai venuto naturale, invece con l’italiano si. Forse le lingue latine sono in se più ritmate."


Embodying something like the Italian version of Missy Elliott, Nostalgia’s self-produced EP strikes a refreshing balance between ass-shakingly intuitive and, at times, downright jarring. Nodding to the rhythmic precision of Rosalía and the moody ambience of James Blake, the 3 tracks of INANNA are as disparate as they are unified. Constantly pushing the creative boundaries of music production, Nostalgia straddles the fence between experimental and mainstream with stunning originality.



Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 2.40.00 PM
Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 3.10.50 PM
Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 11.13.26 AM

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