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princess nostalgia - "FUNCOOL" Single

Release Date: 07/28/2023

upcoming shows

  • 07/15: The Sultan Room, NYC 

  • 07/27: Mercury Lounge, NYC

  • 08/05: Pie Shop, DC

artist information

  • Label: Fluffy Cloud Records (A.K.A. Independent)

  • Genre: Electropop

  • Hometown: Rome, Italy/Pittsburgh, PA

  • Influences: Missy Elliott, Kraftwerk, James Blake

  • Sounds like: 070 Shake, Sad Night Dynamite, Sevdaliza, Rosalía


Princess Nostalgia is a NYC-based, Roman-born electro-pop writer/singer/producer who was recently deemed "the forefront of a new wave of music" by Wonderland Mag. FUNCOOL (a cheeky bilingual play on Italian’s most beloved swear word) is a club-ready dance track with a distinct Rosalía flair. Her first song in Italian (the Princess moved to the United States when she was 8), this summer bop represents a return to her roots. 


In the words of the Princess herself, “channeling my Italian heritage has opened up a whole new dimension of Princess Nostalgia’s voice. Rapping in English never felt authentic to me, but Italian has loosened my inhibitions in that regard. Latin languages are also more interesting to me rhythmically.”


The song’s catchy hook “Non sono una bambina, sono una ragazza” (translation: I’m not a little girl, I’m a young woman”) is as autobiographical as it gets. At the seasoned age of five years old, an old Italian baker dared to refer to Miss Nostalgia as “little girl.” This was her seething response, delivered with a steely gaze and a hand on her hips.




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