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princess nostalgia - 'QUANTO VALE' Single

Release Date: 10/06/2023

artist information

  • Label: Fluffy Cloud Records (A.K.A. Independent)

  • Genre: Electropop

  • Hometown: Rome, Italy/Pittsburgh, PA

  • Influences: Missy Elliott, Kraftwerk, James Blake

  • Sounds like: 070 Shake, Sad Night Dynamite, Sevdaliza, Rosalía


Princess Nostalgia is an internationally-based, Roman-born electro-pop writer/singer/producer who was recently deemed "the forefront of a new wave of music" by Wonderland Mag. QUANTO VALE, the second single on Nostalgia’s upcoming bilingual Italian/English EP, chronicles the feminine woes of modern dating with razor-sharp clarity and a merciless sense of indignation.


The song’s central vocal line “dimmi quanto vale tua parola” (translation: tell me how much your word is worth) is a damning condemnation of the state of modern manhood – or should we say a lack thereof? Following the dramatic build-up of a swinging reggaeton pulse and a deep, resonant synth bass, Nostalgia wastes no time getting to the point: “put me on a pedestal / you never really wanted to know me / you wanted to own me.”


Nodding to the rhythmic precision of Rosalía and the moody ambience of James Blake, this bratty anthem strikes an impressive balance between sparse and ornate. Produced by Miss Nostalgia herself, it’s safe to say QUANTO VALE captures the frustration and disappointment of hopeless romantics around the world navigating the tepid, passionless, risk-averse behaviors encouraged by dating apps.



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Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 3.10.50 PM
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