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princess nostalgia - 'BOCCA LUPO' Single

Release Date: 06/08/2024

artist information

  • Label: Fluffy Cloud Records (A.K.A. Independent)

  • Genre: Electropop

  • Hometown: Rome, Italy/Pittsburgh, PA

  • Influences: Missy Elliott, Kraftwerk, James Blake

  • Sounds like: 070 Shake, Sad Night Dynamite, Sevdaliza, Rosalía


Princess Nostalgia is an internationally-based, Roman-born producer who opened for Public Enemy’s Keith Shocklee, is sponsored by BandLab, and was featured in ColorsXStudios and Wonderland. Every serious artist must release a song about grandma at some point, and BOCCA LUPO is her contribution to this canon.


Growing up in Rome, Nostalgia’s father lit a candle in Nonna Rosa’s name every time they entered a church. Born in a Southern Italian village after WWII, Rosa’s mother died in childbirth and her father abandoned her. At 13, she was put on a ship to Australia to find work and forced into an arranged marriage. Confined to a life of domestic servitude, she lost her mind, tried to run away and end it all more than once. 


Tumultuous and unpredictable as Rosa’s life, BOCCA LUPO is as unconventional as it is groovy, featuring lyrics like, “banali tuoi giorni, morti tuoi sogni” (banal are your days, dead are your dreams) and “la vita non hai mai avuto, vediamo se ci riesco io” (the life you never had, let’s see if I can). Channeling Rosalia and Missy Elliott, this track straddles the fence between experimental and mainstream with stunning originality.


Directed by Steph Tonneson, the music video juxtaposes Princess Nostalgia's freedom with the limitations imposed upon Italian women of her grandmother's generation. 



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