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with princess nostalgia


your sound. your terms.

Silver Headphones

Can you clearly hear the phenomenal music you want to make in your head, but don't yet know how exactly to bring it into existence?

Music Amplifier Repair

Have you tried to learn music production on your own but feel like you're drowning in a sea of disorienting technical jargon?


Are you tired of the condescending machismo in this male dominated industry? Would you benefit from a feminine approach?


Gatekeepers (a.k.a. insecure people who believe there isn’t enough success to go around) will try to convince you that you need expensive gear, a perfectly soundproofed space, countless fancy plug-ins, and an encyclopedic knowledge of physics to produce phenomenal music. And while these elements certainly have their place, I’m here to tell you that it’s not as hard as they want you to believe it is. 

As a self-taught producer who has worked with grammy winners and mixed on a vintage NEVE Console that once belonged to George Harrison, I can testify to the fact that it is indeed possible to learn through years of trial and error and fragmented youtube tutorials—it will simply take you a lot longer than it would with a healthy dose of guidance. Join me, and let me help you avoid the mistakes I made.


If you're serious about your music career, learning to produce your own music is one of the best investments you could possibly make. Not only is it the most surefire way to capture your sound on your own terms, it will also save you thousands of dollars otherwise spent on paying a producer every time you want to put out a song. Forget booking sessions, forget having to make music in someone else's territory, forget struggling to explain the sound you want to someone who thinks they know what's best for YOU. When you learn to capture your voice on your terms, nothing can stop you.



I poured my heart and soul into documenting all the things I wish I knew when I was first starting out.  If I could travel back in time and help my 15 year old self avoid the countless hours I spent floundering in a sea of frustration, I would give her this program.



Learning music production is like learning a new language, and it's best to practice with someone whose already fluent. As you move through the contents of the program, I will meet with you every week to work through your questions together. 



When you just can't wait for our 1-1 calls, I will be available to answer your questions over email. Between 9-5 on weekdays, I will make it my priority to ensure you don't hit any walls. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question. I want to hear them all!



When I began studying the art of music production, I lacked the understanding necessary to even verbalize my questions. It was a classic chicken-or-the-egg conundrum: I had to learn the language in order to ask the right questions, but I had to ask the right questions in order to learn the language. 

It certainly didn't help that I knew zero music producers who weren’t men, which obviously wasn’t a coincidence considering that women make up roughly two percent of the industry. Practically born with a chip on my shoulder, I was way too proud to ask for their advice; too many of them get a perverse sense of pleasure from showing us how things are done. 

To make matters worse, rather than nurturing my burgeoning interest in the subject, most of the music producers I encountered at the time simply offered to do it for me. When I invariably declined their supposedly generous offers, they often made condescending remarks (either to my face and behind my back) about how stubborn and conceited I was.

And while I can’t say they were 100% wrong about that, I can tell you that those very qualities enabled me to persist on the music production path for over a decade. It might have been easier to let someone else do the work for me, but I believe there are no shortcuts when it comes to making music that fully reflects your own vision and voice. 


is to empower you with both the intuitive and technical abilities necessary to manifest your vision on your own terms. If you put in the effort to internalize the strategies and tools I’m prepared to share with you, you will have the means to produce your own music–all from the comfort of home. More specifically, you will have a solid grasp of the following fundamental pillars:

Building Your Home Studio

Recording Fundamentals

Editing Tools and Techniques

The Mixing Process

The Subtle Art of Mastering


“Princess Nostalgia knows what it takes to execute a vision and explains it in a way that is extremely approachable. By reframing the technical aspects of music production in layman’s terms, she has a way of cutting out the distractions and getting straight to the heart of what really matters: uncompromised self expression.”

- Alexander Almgren (multi-platinum, billboard charting producer)


Princess Nostalgia is more than a music mentor; she's a creative compass. Her gift lies in making the most intricate aspects of music production feel like a walk in the park. The program is seriously a ridiculously low price considering that she's offering info that took her a decade to develop. 10/10!

- Jamie H.


Her ability to demystify the most intimidating elements of music production is nothing short of magical. She has this ability to cut out the noise and get straight to the heart of things. With her guidance, I've learned to channel my voice in a way I never thought possible.

- Paige M.


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